Teach Quilling Classes

I started my own business and create quilled crafts for craft shows and teach quilling classes to small groups and organizations, children over the age of 10 and adults.  If the children are under the age of 10 and show an interest and have adult/parent or guardian with them while they quill that can be an option.

Below is a list of ideas of what I can do and can teach classes on. If there is a specific theme, or interest I could create or dig up ideas to create something that could meet the needs of the group.

I walk through every step as a group or to the individual who is sitting in the class. I sit down and join the group and create the same item with the person/group and teach every step as we continue to build on a project until completion. Some people in the group might be faster or slower and I work with everyone's speed to assist them with whatever level they may be at or if they need me to assist in another way I come over and help.  It is a very laid back relaxed environment sometimes the radio playing softly in the background during the class time and there maybe open conversation going or just peaceful quiet.

Supplies cost per person $25 that covers the slotted quilling tool, quilling paper, xerox copied instructions, history of quilling write up, class evaluation, cardboard wrapped with non-stick paper for a place mat and all can be taken home in a zip-lock bag. I provide the glue and the scissors for each workshop/class.

I am willing to teach classes in Albany County, Rensselaer County and if it is under 2 hours to travel from Cohoes, NY.
I can meet for church functions, girls night out,  craft guild, girl scouts, or at a local cafe, libraries for one on one or group hang out.

I can provide a location if you do not have a location to meet at. The location is:

Paper Crafters Unlimited, 568 Columbia Turnpike, Rensselaer, NY 12061 phone number 518-512-5088, website www.papercrafters.biz 

I do work full time during the day at my main job. I am available mostly on weekends (Saturdays 10 am to 6pm Sundays 1pm to 6pm) and maybe a few evenings during the week.
Just contact me by email staceysmile{at}gmail{dot}com to set up a time, theme or idea/technique you like to learn, and how many in your party or where you would like you like me to hold a class.

Possible materials other then quilling paper that a group or a single person can use in the classes: manila file folders, toliet paper & paper towel rolls, CDTA blue bus passes, magazines and newspapers. I may be able to supply some of these supplies but if your interested in holding a class with these supplies let me know so we could create a plan to collect and then hold the class.

1)      Snowflakes (1 hour for each one that is made) in large or small scale, or with 
normal quilling paper or manila file folder (I have plenty file folders to use, 
just give me advanced notice so I can cut them up a head of time).

2)      Christmas tags (1 to 2 hour class)

3)      Paper towel or toilet paper roll ornaments
(3hour or 2 hours ) to make 3 or 4 in that amount of time.


4)      Mini cards (2 or 3 hours)

5)      Bookmarks (2 or 3 hours)

6)      Flowers (2 or 3 hours) pick one of the flowers below,
add it to the front of a card.

7)      Jewelry pendant and earrings (2 or 3 hours)

8)   Angels (3 or 4 hours)

9) Tulips in Basket (1.5 to 2 hour class)

10)  CDTA blue bus pass roses - it takes 2 blue passes
 to make one rose. (1.5 hours to 2 hours)

I teach craft classes to the East Greenbush Girl Scouts during the summer. I can also teach these classes out to the public, either at a library, school group, church group, or a ladies night out. Prices can be negotiated by per person or as a group can change to help the group to meet. I will list the supplies needed to meet for each class and either the person I make contact with to hold the class or I will provide the supplies depending on each situation. I usually provide all supplies when I hold my classes. I usually get paid when I send an invoice after the class or get paid individually per person in each class. Send me an email to contact me staceysmile@gmail.com

1) Paper Beading
Costs Per Person: $25
Hours: 1-2
Supplies needed:
Free paint chips - pick those up in the paint supply section
Stretch Bracelet
Spacer Beads

2) Recycled CDTA Bus Pass Roses
Costs Per Person: $25
Hours: 1-2
Supplies Needed:
Free Blue Bus passes
Wire or Pipe Cleaner for stem

3) Altered Spoon
Cost per person: $45 (negotiable) (reason high cost lots of supplies needed and the amount of hours)
Hours: 2 to 4 hours
Supplies Needed:
Lace, Ribbon,
Spoons: Can pick up two spoons at the dollar store possibly for a dollar or go to a garage sale and get them cheaper. Not the plastic ones.
Beading: dollar section in Ac Moore that comes on a string but but doesn't come off string
Flowers: fake flowers, paper flowers,
Paper: scrapbooking, acid free paper,
Each person can pick their own theme for their spoon
Print out photos of family, theme or vintage picture from web ahead of time

4) If you have another idea and I know how to do the craft ask me and we will create a class together that meets your needs. Lets chat by email (staceysmile@gmail.com) first then I will switch to my phone number after we make contact by email.