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January through to April Craft Projects 2016

Created this at work. It is for a door decorating contest at work for our 50th anniversary. Made from FASA forms for main body of the cake, copy paper for the blue and yellow copy paper, gold roses made from metallic paper, blue bow made construction paper, the light blue trim on the cake came from copy room paper. All supplies came from in house/work materials. It did not cost me cent to make. Paper was donated to me from other departments at work. Took many hours to create possibly over 6 hours. It is attached to the office door of enrollment where I work at a school. March 2016 Quilling Fish bowl card created by me. February 2016

WE luncheon that raises money for a scholarships at Hudson Valley Community College is looking for door prizes each year. I created this viking since the mascot for the college is a viking. I donated in the past several years in a row. The quilled viking stands about 4 or 5 inches tall and took 3 or 4 hours to make. The skin tone and the circle the viking is…