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CDTA Bus Pass Crafts

What can you make with CDTA bus passes? I have a lady who donates her clean CDTA bus pass swiper to me throughout the year. I use them for craft projects with the East Greenbush Girl Scouts during the summer time. I got inspired by one of the CDTA drivers to get more creative with the bus passes. I decided to make a bunch of ornaments and other craft projects that you can see below. I still have ideas roaming around in my head of possible ways to be creative with the bus passes. Stay tuned to see my future inspiration. 

 This what the front and back of the bus passes look like above.
 Above picture: Miniature wreath made from CDTA bus passes that you can wear 
since there is a pin on the back.

 Above picture: Wreath is made from CDTA bus passes, with quilling to decorate it with  bells, candle, green flower and other greenery and a red bow.

The above picture: Lotus flower made from CDTA bus passes. The passes where very slippery and this was the most frustrating project that I wanted to give up on and throw away. But it finally worked for me.

 The picture above and below are flowers made from bus passes with stems that are skewers. Each level of the flower is the reversed color of the last color that was last used and they are three levels with a puffy center.

 The above picture: I created this vase by folding the book pages of a book, there are three blue and three white CDTA bus pass roses on top of the vase. The bow was created from bow punch from a stampin up punch tool. 

 The above picture is a wreath ornament made from CDTA bus passes along with the bow, the candle sticks are also made from CDTA bus passes, the rest of the decorative pieces of the flowers and greenery are made from quilling paper.  

 The above picture: is a mini wreath with a bow made from bus passes and quilling paper created the flower, greenery and candle.

 The above picture is a wreath made with CDTA bus passes, with quilling paper added to create the decorative piece on the front of the wreath with three purple candles, three pink flowers, and some greenery. 

The above picture: The wreath is made with green copy paper, and quilling paper for the decorative front of the wreath. The red bow is made from a red CDTA bus pass. 


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