Tuesday, July 5, 2016

My Creations: Folded Book Page Vase and Angels

My recent creations of folded book page angels. Took several hours (like over 5) to create them. I saw a tutorial online on you tube. Here is the you tube video I followed https://youtu.be/aOBX4wM05cM.  I followed the video then added my own touch to the angels. Made with quilling paper for hair, manila file folder paper strips make the neck and face, lace for neck and bottom of dress. Each angel will cost $48 to the lucky person who buys her. The angels will be at the local craft shows with me if you want to see them up close until they are sold. Created June 2016

The folded book page vase is what I made my mother for mothers day. I created the three center roses on the top, the mini roses around those roses came from the craft store. I used a paper back book that you can fit in your jacket pocket. The vase layout of the folding pages I followed a you tube video. Simple to follow. My mother loved it. April 2016

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