Sunday, November 22, 2015

Latest Works from October to November 2015

Hello! I have been busy with crafts. I did several swaps online, then I also joined a zentangle meetup group to push me to do more zentangles so I would not forget them in the mix of life, then I have been making items for co-workers at work, with craft shows on weekends and then I started my own group for quilling. I have been busy for October, November and December. I think I can do it all. But I already got side lined with my second cold in the last three months. I am on a medication for my inflamed liver that surpresses the autoimmune system from fighting off colds.  I have autoimmune hepatitis and you can read more about on this website
I am not in pain just trying to get my body back and eating a new diet that is gluten free, no processed foods and down sized my sugar intake. Trying to live a cleaner life with out the food problems it bring on along with sever joint pain. I got rid of the sever joint pain and went cold turkey and got rid of foods from my daily intake. Life has been better and feel better overall.
Well the new journey will be an interesting one.  If you celebrate Thanksgiving hope you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Altered Altoid Tin:

I normally do not celebrate halloween or do anything for it. The swap groups on Facebook got me interested in in being crafty for halloween. I used an altoid tin painted it black inside and outside, added green fake grass from AC Moore, some skulls, tomb stones, owl in a tree, moon, and ghosts  that where bought from Micheal's craft store, or Hobby Lobby. The witch I printed it out from pinterest and colored her in with color pencils. The orange pumpkins I created from quilling paper.  I loved how the whole project came out and it survived in the mail too. October 2015

Altered Pumpkin:  

I should of used black lace over the pumpkin but did not figure this out until I was finished.  Oh well. There is always a next time.  The beading was added along white trim around the top of the pumpkin. I created this for a swap I did on Facebook. I bought the small pumpkin from Hobby Lobby. 
 October 2015

Altered Spoon Baby Theme:

I created this spoon for a co-worker since she was having a baby shower party at work. I covered the spoon in paper, trim around the spoon, pacifier and blue ribbon for the bow. I created the baby from quilled paper and it sits in the spoon shape. Some of these spoon project I do can take 4 hours or more depending how fancy/creative I get. October 2015


I sold the one in pink very quickly online while posting photos on Facebook. It cost $28.00 since it took four hours to create. I made this to replace the one that sold online so I could have one at my table for craft shows. The are a hit and they are bought quickly.  September 2015

 Newspaper Weaving Flowers: 

A co-worker wanted me to create flowers that fit in her vase that was a little taller then a foot tall. That is why the flowers have long stems. Here is the video on you tube that I learned from
Each flower takes me 3 or 4 hours to make. I used the Sunday newspaper and the coupons and rolled them up and created the tubes and weaved them to make the flowers.  I sold each one for $20 each. I made a total of 5. I may make some more in future months when things calm down.

Hello Kitty:

I created two pink hello kitties and two blue hello kitties out of currugated paper. I got hooked on the currugated paper crafts on what I was seeing online so I bought the paper.


The above owl is made from currugated paper and stand about 4 inches tall.
The below owls I made them from quilling paper into earrings and they sold quickly. People are big fans of owls.   September 2015

Zentangles on tan tiles: 

I created through the zentangle that meets in public to zentangle.


The zentangles below are created by me and not sure what to say about them. Some took 2 or 4 hours to create. I am still stuck on mandalas since I can make cards from them. Zentangling can relax you just like quilling.