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Latest Works from October to November 2015

Hello! I have been busy with crafts. I did several swaps online, then I also joined a zentangle meetup group to push me to do more zentangles so I would not forget them in the mix of life, then I have been making items for co-workers at work, with craft shows on weekends and then I started my own group for quilling. I have been busy for October, November and December. I think I can do it all. But I already got side lined with my second cold in the last three months. I am on a medication for my inflamed liver that surpresses the autoimmune system from fighting off colds.  I have autoimmune hepatitis and you can read more about on this website I am not in pain just trying to get my body back and eating a new diet that is gluten free, no processed foods and down sized my sugar intake. Trying to live a cleaner life with out the food problems it bring on along with sever joint pai…