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Altered Spoons, Ying Yang Zentangle, Altered Book,

Here are some recent creations of mine. I created most of the items for other people during the months of February to March 2015. The Zentangle designs I created for a friend to help add some creativity to her website. The other art pieces below are swaps that took place on Facebook that I made and sent through the mail. I got items back in return from those trades. Maybe I will post later at another time of all the goodies I have received in trades. Click on the photos to see them larger on the screen. Enjoy viewing.
Ying Yang Zentangle A friend at work wanted ying yang art work created by me to bring creativity to website. She wanted hearts. These three zentangles are done on blue paper, with black and white color pencil. My favorite one is the lotus flower and ribbon around it.

Altered Spoons The first spoon was a swap I sent out to a lady in Nebraska and the picture on the front of the spoon is her grandchildren. I had trouble figuring out what to put on the front of the spoon s…

Birds, Owls, Altered Spoons, Cross and other items

Here is the latest craft projects I have finished lately. I joined a few creative craft swap groups on Facebook and these are some of my latest creations mentioned and shown below.  I also made a few other items for clients and random projects. I hope you enjoy viewing the items below. I added a lot of photos for the altered spoons and apologize for all of them.  I had a few co-workers really like the mermaid and would like to see more mermaids plus buy them.  Thank you for the motivation and ideas that people give me. Sometimes I run with those ideas and create stuff right away or could take three years if I am busy or have other ideas running around in my head creating things that I see on the web or while laying in bed lost in my head. Click on the photos and you can see photos in larger  size. Enjoy.
 The quilled card of flower or snowflake above was made and sent out with the spoon swap I did  through Facebook. February 2015
Altered Spoons
The metal spoon swap was to …