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Valentine's Day and Baby Shower Gifts 2015

Here are some new items I created. Some of the items I sold to customers at work or did swaps online with the creative craft groups on Facebook. I am hooked on some of those craft groups doing swaps online. So there might be more crafts coming due to this. I hope you enjoy your valentines day!

(For the 5 photos above)
Second Heart Box I sold this box for $40. The customer who was a guy wanted an Adirondack theme box since he and his wife are going to retire in the Adirondacks in the future. He requested the pine cones in the top right corner of the box. The customer and his wife are into hiking, and canoeing and wanted a woodsy look for the box. The front of the box is scrapbooking paper of a pathway, there is light green lace and white lace, fake wood paper inside and outside the box, 2d stickers of a canoe, hiking sign, and trees inside the box. The customer was very happy with the box when I delivered it to him. This is a medium size box about 5 or 6 inches across.