Friday, July 31, 2015

Sneak Peak of new items for next craft show... Part 1

I have been slowly building up stash of new products to sell at this year's craft shows. I normally do not show off what I am bringing. I recently got into paper beading and working with corrugated paper. Using pinterest and you tube has hooked me in certain new crafts and maybe a few of them will emerge in the next few months.  I am new at jewelry making so I have a lot to learn. If you or anyone are interested in any of the pieces below come out to the shows. You can find a list of  the shows if you click on the appearance tab on my blog. Hopefully I will see you at the next show.

 Back in December 2014 I swapped paper beads with another paper artist in the mail and these are those beads below. I finally assembled them into earrings.

The paper beads below are the paper beads I rolled and created and assembled into earrings and necklaces. The first set of pink and light blue earrings is made out of paper. Do you remember being in summer camp and using the plastic bracelets that kids use to make in summer camp that were the box square. I watched a tutorial on you tube and learned how to do it. The first set of earrings is the box square pattern weave.

This is an owl made out of corrugated paper. I brought a kit at Michael's craft store after getting curious how to make items from this paper. I made several items and this is one of the items I made.

 This is a Hanukkah Menorah that I made out of quilling paper. It took four hours to create.

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