Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mothers Day Bendi Card, and Paper Dog Theme Cake, May 2015

Bendi Card

I created this card for my mother for mothers day. I got the idea from internet Pinterest website. Here is the tutorial on how to make a bendi card.
I wanted to create one with a gardening theme. I went to Hobby lobby and bought the white picket fence. Some of the stickers mainly came from Ac Moore. The butterfly came from a swap I did with another craft person. The trees I cut out and made myself and the flowers on the trees were cut out from a 12 X12 scrapbooking sheet of paper. I created the circle center message and doodled that myself. I gave it the tour around the building at work to show it off to people who are fans of my work. I got a lot of wow and happy compliments and some people asked what price I would charge for it. I said I am not sure on price and not sure if I would do another one. I took my mother out to brunch and gave her the card. She laughed at it. Which surprised me. I asked her why she laughed at it. She said it is better than crying right. So I am thankful she did not cry and make things awkward. We both had a good mothers day.

Dog themed Paper Cake

This was a swap that was set up on Facebook in one of the swap groups. The swap was to decorate three size boxes (I choose 4, 5, and a 6 inch circle box) and fill them with scrapbooking supplies for the person we were assigned to swap with. I found another person who wanted to do smaller boxes and not over decorate but keep it simple and not do girly. I found out the person I was swapping with was a fan of pugs so I went with that theme. I found the best looking pug to sit on top of the cake and found it on from the art shop Peculiar Pals Petite Pets. Here is a link to the artist who created the pug.

I also put trim around the cake from a scrapbooking punch I bought online that had dog paw prints. I ran out of ribbon that went around each cake box and added another color that matched the boxes with another purple shade of ribbon. I kept it simple even though I felt the top need more then just the dog. But I gave up and kept it simple. Which is unusual for me.

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