Monday, May 11, 2015

Fairy Altered Book, Easter Card, Paint Chip Card, Altered Spool - April 2015

Here are my craft projects I have been working on in April 2015. Some of them were quick projects and others took a lot of time.

Easter Card

I created this Easter card for my mother. I hoping for another design altogether. But time was not on my side. I had to come up with something quick. This was last minute and I was not fully enjoying how this came out. It was not very artistic but very juvenile for my artist ability and was annoyed I did not create something better. Oh well. She still liked it. I used colored pencils for the card.

Fairy Altered Book

I created this for a co-worker friend at work. She is into fairies, and butterflies. After I saw this altered fairy book ( I wanted to make something similar. I painted the cover and cut out the middle of the pages of the book. I even added a mini circle candle that runs on batteries to the top right side of the book that is hidden. When the lights are off you can see the flikering of the light from the top right corner of the book. The fairy I bought at hobby lobby and I broke its wings accidently after trying to close the book. I gave her new wings with paper mache, paint and nail polish. The background of the book is painted black then used gold or yellow nail polish then sealed it with modge podge. I added fake flowers, pine cone, stones and moss grass and frog from the store. Then I created the purple butterfly and mushroom.  This project took several days and hours to complete.

Paint Chip Birthday Card

I needed a quick card to make for my mother's birthday in April. This is where I got the idea to do the project -
Paint chips are free in walmart and hardward stores like home depot. I had a ziplock bag sitting in my craft room full of different size paint chips. I used the paint chip that are the large ones with 3 or 4 colors. I added quilling to the card, fancy trim for the different levels of the cake and scrapbooking paper to the back of the card.

Altered Spool

Swap group on facebook had an altered spool swap going on and I joined in. I created this with a reynalds wrap cardboard tube for the center and two punched out fancy circles top and bottoms for the spool. I added ribbon, pink beading, and long beads that hung down from the underneath the top of the spool. Fancy trim, many types of fabric flowers or hard flowers and beading for the stalks that sit at the top of the spool that all came from the craft store. On the bottom of the spool fancy trim and pre punched and stamped butterflies. 

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