Friday, March 6, 2015

Birds, Owls, Altered Spoons, Cross and other items

Here is the latest craft projects I have finished lately. I joined a few creative craft swap groups on Facebook and these are some of my latest creations mentioned and shown below.  I also made a few other items for clients and random projects. I hope you enjoy viewing the items below. I added a lot of photos for the altered spoons and apologize for all of them.  I had a few co-workers really like the mermaid and would like to see more mermaids plus buy them.  Thank you for the motivation and ideas that people give me. Sometimes I run with those ideas and create stuff right away or could take three years if I am busy or have other ideas running around in my head creating things that I see on the web or while laying in bed lost in my head. Click on the photos and you can see photos in larger 
size. Enjoy.

 The quilled card of flower or snowflake above was made and sent out with the spoon swap I did  through Facebook. February 2015

Altered Spoons

The metal spoon swap was to decorate three spoons 1 nautical, 1 victorian and 1 love. The spoon with the pink lace was the victorian theme and the red one was the love theme. These are shown in the pictures above. The below pictures are of the side, and back views of the metal spoons. I got the spoons for free from a co-worker. I was trying to avoid going to Goodwill to go shopping since the weather was cold. The two pictured spoons above took maybe two or three hours each. I did not watch the time. So I am not really sure. I like making these spoons.

 The photos below are of the paper mache mermaid and seashell spoon. I bought a mermaid at the dollar store and I wrapped it with plastic wrap and used the brown paper that comes in the delivery boxes from work and ripped pieces of paper apart and glued them down with modge podge. I decided against using glue and water like paper mache the traditional way since it was not working for me. Another thing that was new to me was the face of the doll and the most frustrating. This doll took over 6 hours since this was a lot to do for this doll. I used quilling paper for the hair. I used acrylic paints for skin and eyes. I used a flower punch and cut out each of the 6 petals of each flower I punched out. I went around in a circle and applied them to the tail and glued down the petals. That took some time to do. I painted the tail with nail polish called funky fingers that I bought at 5 Below store. The 5 Below store is where everything is $5 or below. I bought mini sea shells and sand from Hobby Lobby. The blue and white trim around the spoon represents the water. The blue and white trim came free from another swap I did on Facebook. Everybody I showed this spoon to was in aw of it and wanted to buy it or have something similar made. February 2015

Quilled Cancer Ribbon

 The above picture is a pin with paper beads and a quilled pink cancer ribbon. I created it for a swap and I would like to make more and see if they sell.

Quilled Blue Bird

 I had a client in the local cafe in the building I work in that saw my quilling work and asked me to make a card for his girlfriend's mother that was a Blue bird. This was put on a 4 by 6 card. It took 4.5 hours to create. I did not come up with this image on my own. It came from another quilling artist that inspires me with her art work. She had the best Quilled Blue bird on the web and I needed a quick already made project that I layed my work on top of after printing out a picture and followed and created the bird. Here is the original art piece that I found on the web and the artist work.
February 2015

Paper Owl's

 I created several owl pieces for someone in the craft trade groups. I created a quilled owl ornament that is in the center of the picture. Here is where you can find the two owls one awake and one sleeping tutorial.
February 2015

Quilled Cross on 3x3 Cards

I created 6 cards with a cross and hearts. Look up combing for quilling on you tube and you can learn how to weave paper using a comb. The cards are 3 inches by 3 inches. February 2015

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