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November to December 2014 Art created by me

My latest creations from November through to December 2014. Let me walk you through the different pieces and why I created them. I have other items but have not photographed them yet. Maybe I will post them here later or wait until January. Merry Christmas and Happy Near Year. Hope you all have a blessed 2015.
The quilled cross above was created for pastor appreciation month in October 2014. It sits in a 4 by 6 frame. I gave it to the pastor.
 There is a retired co-worker who is dealing with brain cancer. She has been desiring something quilled from me for awhile. She loves the color purple. It is large star or snowflake. It is possibly 5 or 6 inches across when you place it in your hand. It was meant to be as a Christmas ornament. Created October 2014.
For the picture above I taught a quilling class in either October or November at the Troy Library and we made snow man cards. I got my inspiration from online.  This a pin to made to wear on jacket or shirt. It is rolled paper beads f…