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Crafts projects created between August 2014 to October 2014

I have been busy being creative and have been behind posting blog postings since I moved to my own apartment in August 30th. During that time of the move and after and into October I have been creative since I had also craft classes and craft shows and the occasional side project request to prepare for. I also got inspired by creating paper beads too. I took a class at one of the local libraries then joined a bunch of Facebook pages to learn more about paper beads and to get inspired by the other artists on the web. I also have been getting curious about newspaper weaving. I got curious after I weaved the vases I made after I watched you tube videos on how to do that craft. Not sure if I will take up Newspaper weaving but it has got me interested it looks like wicker after the artist has weaved the newspaper tubes into whatever project they are working on. I dare you to look up newspaper weaving on you tube and see the amazing things people make with paper. Very entertaining. Stay tun…