Monday, April 14, 2014

Busy news and decorating Ukrainian eggs, zentangle and some quilling items

I have been really busy. I have been behind in posting things I have been making. This is what I have been working on is that I taught a quilling valentines card class in February at the Pine Hills Library in Albany NY, took a class to learn how to make Ukrainian eggs, created some zentangle designs on the side and created some quilling items.You can see pictures below at the bottom of the post.

I also recently moved three times since November 2013.
1) my job moved to downtown troy so packing and unpacking just a few blocks from where they were situated. They had a moving company to help but it was still emotional for me.
2) I moved out on my female roommate Dec 28 2013 then moved in with two guys Mike, gay age 50  and Todd straight age 48. That didn't work out and Todd and I got evicted by Mike. The Mike's cat that was not neutered sprayed my jacket since I did not let it out on one of the super cold nights, before that my bedroom ceiling cracked after I moved in, and me and Todd both had space heaters since Mike wanted the temp at 62 in the house which was too cold. So Todd and I got evicted and I suggested to Todd to become roommates and get a two bedroom together. He said yes and I moved to my third location on March 1st. So I am settling in and enjoying my roommate since he is a County Sheriff and works evenings. So we do not see each other much. Maybe once or twice a week since he has two kids he puts time into, sports he plays and other activities that keep him busy.

I still do crafts but settling in and creating a craft spot that works for me and my roommate which has been slowing me down. Plus I have been drained by work and the wrong foods I haven feeding myself. I am trying to find a diet that is less sugar, wheat and yeast. So I can function better rather then falling asleep.

I am going to do a craft fair on May 3 and 4. I am going to be teaching three classes origami and quilling for the girl scouts this summer one in July and two in August.

Here are pictures below of the latest creations:
 The above zentangle piece was created March 2014 completely
freehand with no layout before hand. I was hanging out at my
brothers house while I created this one.
 The above zentangle piece took 2 hours to create.
I created it for a co-worker/friend at work for her daughter pre-school. 
Each child had a a leaf to decorate to put on a tree that was in the classroom.
 Made 10 mini angels for order that came in by email.
The customer bought one of my mini angels that cost
$2 at the Art Center in Troy, NY at their holiday store
they have during November and December.
 Donated 2 Easter baskets to the Annual Spring Scholarship
Luncheon for WE@HVCC which was held on March 2014.
All proceeds from the luncheon benefit the WE@HVCC
fund which is used to award scholarships to deserving
individuals and to enhance the campus community.
HVCC = Hudson Valley Community College.

March 2014 I took an art class learning to make Ukrainian 
eggs at the Albany Art Room located in  Albany NY. This is the first
 time I played with wax on an egg and color dye to create the beautiful 
 eggs. The red one in the middle with the three colors is my favorite. 
It is almost like drawing zentangle designs on eggs just doing it with
melted wax and a candle. Here is where you can find more classes 
                                                at the Art Room