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Jillian Page Art

I created this piece of art for my brother's daughter Jillian Page. She was born on Easter of this year. We got to spend some time with the family at the Crackle Barrel Restaurant and have lunch together.
I took too different photos of the same piece to show what it looked like with light on it. It took 8 to 10 hours to create the art piece. My brother said wow and pretty after he opened the gift to look at it. So I am happy.

Zengtangles for month of June and July 2013

I created these zentangles from June into July. If you come to a future craft show you may see these turned into cards for sale. This above zentangle template came from this website:

 The above image was made without a template and created from my mind.  The above butterfly was from the web somewhere and used a sparkly glazed pen. The above Zentangle dare #29 came from the template that can be found on this website below:
 The above zantangle dare #28.  The template can be found from this website The above zentangle dare #16 came from template of website below:
 The above zentangle dare #49 came from template that can be found from this site The z…