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Love Theme - Quilling

I was so hoping to enter these into a local gallery for their valentine show but it looks like I might be to late. So I guess I will sell them at one of my future craft shows or at work. So I am showing them to the world instead.

The quote came from online. It did not come from me.
 The above heart tree my roommate bought to use at one of the events she is
speaking at coming up in April or May.  She will raffle this piece off
since it represents a theme in her presentation.

2 Birthday Purses with matching card - January 2013

I have made three paper purses with a matching birthday cards. Two co-workers at work have birthdays coming up. I use my co-workers to test my craft projects on to see their responses of what the public reflects on my work. I will add photos as the weeks go on after I have given them the gifts. If they see the blog it might ruin the surprise.

This is the websites that inspired me and have the instructions to make the  purple paper purse.

The first paper purple purse I gave out is this one. The purse stand about 5 or 6 inches tall and 4 or 5 inches wide possibly. I embossed the inside message with a happy birthday for the card. The card width is about 3 inches, height 2inches or possibly three.

Here is the lady bug purse and matching lady bug card. This one was given as a birthday gift to a co-worker at work.  Could possibly stand 6 or 7 inches the purse. The card could possibly around 4 inches in height. The card fits insid…

Zentangle Art in my Scrapbook - 2012

I got hooked on Zentangle the last 6 months of 2012. I drew them freehand, with out sketching them out before hand or using a pencil. I do this for fun or as a time waster. It is very relaxing and I get lost in what I am doing. I look to the internet for new ideas while sometimes working on these. It is pretty much just doodling. Some of the photos are blurry and I will be taking better ones soon.More photos coming soon. Also click on the pictures below to see them bigger.

Large Snowflake - 12/19/12

I have been getting paper towel, toilet paper and wrapping paper rolls from co-workers at work ever since I made a bunch of ornaments out of paper towel and toilet paper rolls for the Christmas tree at work. I made a large snowflake out of a wrapping paper roll that you can see above. I painted the paper in square sizes then once they were dry I cut them on the paper slicer to be all the same width. The length of strips is one foot and the width is 1/2. If you notice in one of the pictures there is a door knob to the left of the ornament. I say the size of the snowflake is a little over 16 by 16 possibly bigger then a 12 by 12 scrapbook page.  I used Aleene's craft glue to hold the pieces together. I wanted to go so much bigger but the paper became flimsy after painting it. I gave this as a Christmas gift to one of my co-workers.