Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Latest quilling work for November to December 2013

I created a few side projects for a few co-workers and friends and got inspired by the internet. Here is my latest work. Some have been sold already and others may get sold at the next craft show. If you click on the photos you can see them in a much bigger format.

The green high heal above was requested by a co-worker for a Christmas gift for a family member. I went online and looked for an outline of a shoe to cut out and shape the quilling around it.
These are the two shoe patterns I used. I made them smaller the patterns before printing them.

 The above picture of a turkey is made out of toilet paper and paper towel rolls. I painted the rolls first then when they dried I cut the rolls up. As for the center body I used manila file folders to roll up 2 separate circles until they bigger then a silver dollar. Then I pushed each of them out to make bowl shapes. To hold the shape of the two bowls I put thick glue on the insides of the bowls. Let them dry for a few hours then I glued the bowls together on the rims and that formed the body. This took a total of 7 hours to make.

 The above and below pictures I got inspired by another quiller who made similar dolls. She used yarn and I had no yarn but I had Pom Poms. I call them my snow girls. I put snowflakes on their sleeves and the back of their outfits.  Here is what the other artist created and I adore these. Link click here

I had a request from a friend to create quilled box for his daughter. She is a fan of butterflies. So it probably took over 4 hours but I can not remember. I did not keep track.

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  1. Your work is very interesting and inspiring. Thank you for sharing it.
    Nancy K in WI