Sunday, October 27, 2013

FREE Quilling Class at Lansingburgh Library - November 12, 2013

Free Turkey Quilling Class
Date: Tuesday November 12, 2013
Time: 6pm-7:30pm
Location: Lansingburgh Branch Library
27 114th St, Troy, New York
You need to call/go online to sign up to hold your seat!
Phone: (518) 235-5310
Online Sign up
Click her to sign up online at the Library

Each person who attends this class will make one turkey to take home. The round bodies are made from
recycled manila file folders and I will provide all materials for the class.The main shape that could be
used when creating the Turkey
is a tear drop shape. I tried to keep this simple for everyone. I give
everyone the chance to explore and create
their own kind of turkey. The tail feathers could possible
be different for each person since they have the choice to use different  shapes for the large tail feathers.
The person taking the class does not need to make exactly
what I made in the photo.  Each person taking
the class can explore and add words or anything else they want to add that represents thanksgiving
to them.

I create a kit for each student to take home with the package of quilling paper, quilling tool, instructions
for each project, write up on the history of quilling, evaluation sheet to fill out to let me know what you
would like to do for future projects and my business card.

My style of teaching I sit down and walk you through every step for the projects from beginning to end.
I create the same piece as the student in front of them while they are creating so no one is on their own
or will will get lost. If you get stuck 
 or confused I will help you through every step of the way.

Here are photos of the group who joined me in making turkey's. I even had a five year old girl join me in this class. Which was a shock to me but she was able to do everything like everyone else did for the project. I thought it would be be too hard for her. I applaud her for doing this craft project and being so well behaved. I should have made the project easier to do in case a child does join in on one of my future classes. I do not usually do classes for children since I am worried about noise levels and their focus for an hour and half. If the parent is with them the whole time and stays focused on the project the whole time without the child getting antsy then I am ok with them being there.

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