Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Recent Items I made or transformed

I have been going through my items to sell for the next craft show and re-gluing items, taking apart items and creating new parts to them which are labeled below with the before and after photos, and adding photos of items I never took pictures of. All of these updates/creations happened in 2013.

The bird above was not selling and I thought he looked messy. So I took off his back tail feathers. The below picture is the makeover of the new bird. The body of the bird is made from recycled manila file folders.


The picture below was the old bird that was not selling so I re-worked
 his back tail feathers. You can click on the image to see the pictures much bigger.

The picture below is the makeover of the fancy bird. Almost similar
 to the other bird re-made bird above. The body of the bird is made from 
recycled manila file folders.

The mini cupcake below took possibly 3 or 4 hours to make. It is very tiny and is hollow inside.

I made this flower while teaching a class. I had it sitting around so I cut it down to size the white card portion then I added two paper background colors to the card that were close to the flower colors. I think it helps the card stand out. Pink checkered scrapbooking paper on top of red colored scrapbooking paper and then the the white paper with the flower on top of that.

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