Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quilled Mini Cupcake

Dear Readers: I created a mini cupcake for a student in the cosmetology class. She dyed my hair and as a thank you I created a mini cupcake. Lets bring you back a few weeks.  I found about a month before from another co-worker that she had an obsession for cupcakes. I was going to make her one but was not sure when or how big. Then I need to dye my hair and she was the lucky person who got picked as the person to dye my hair. I did a search on google images and got ideas of what cupcakes look like other then the images of what I already had in my head. I started creating the cupcake at 6pm and continued until 10pm. I was busy creating the paper cupcake while I was watching T.V. Sunday night. The sprinkles took the most time and did them individually. The cupcake is hollow on the inside. The student received the cupcake the day after she had two teeth pulled and this made her feel much happier since she was dealing with mouth pain and swelling.

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