Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bus pass roses and quilled vase

I take the bus to work and use a bus swiper most of the time. I use the one day CDTA (Captial District Transportation Association) bus pass on rare occasions when I do not have money for the full month pass. Rather then throwing way the paper one day swipers I thought I make them into roses. I cut them out into tear drop shapes or you can cut out heart shapes to be the main shapes. I then start wrapping them around the bud and continue to build from there. I do not count the amount of petals I use. I just build until it looks like a healthy flower. Then add a wire through it so it can stand in a vase. The vase is made from left over wrapping paper rolls from Christmas that I got from a co-worker that I painted blue. I kept wrapping the strips around each other in a circle until I satisfied with the width. Maybe bigger then a silver dollar. Then I push out the center and shape it trying to prevent the paper from popping out of place and having to start over. The the super messy part where I went inside the vase and glued paper strips from the inside of circle and continued to build that and it brings the circle smaller to get the neck of the vase. I let it dry for a day. I added quilled flowers to the outside of the vase that are white and purple. I glued little beads to the front of the flowers.

I plan on using this to decorate the display case at the East Greenbush Library. I will have one whole display case that is seen at the entrance to the Library for the whole month of June. The library had opening and posted on facebook and I answered. I am preparing for that.  I am very excited about this.

Zentangles for the week of 4/15-4/21

 Here are the latest zentangles for the week of 4/15-4/21. Included is the site where I got the blank templates from. You can go to these sites and print them out since they are free.

This came from a stencil from the class I took in the past.
I finally filled it in.

 The above zentangle template came from this location
The above Zentangle template came from this website location

The above zentangle template came from this website location

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Quilled Mini Cupcake

Dear Readers: I created a mini cupcake for a student in the cosmetology class. She dyed my hair and as a thank you I created a mini cupcake. Lets bring you back a few weeks.  I found about a month before from another co-worker that she had an obsession for cupcakes. I was going to make her one but was not sure when or how big. Then I need to dye my hair and she was the lucky person who got picked as the person to dye my hair. I did a search on google images and got ideas of what cupcakes look like other then the images of what I already had in my head. I started creating the cupcake at 6pm and continued until 10pm. I was busy creating the paper cupcake while I was watching T.V. Sunday night. The sprinkles took the most time and did them individually. The cupcake is hollow on the inside. The student received the cupcake the day after she had two teeth pulled and this made her feel much happier since she was dealing with mouth pain and swelling.

Monday, April 1, 2013

FREE Quilling Class - April 24, 2013

Hello! Hope you all had a happy Easter. I became an Aunt on Easter. My brother Randy and his wife, Meredith, had a baby girl this Easter, by c section, 7 pounds 3 ounces 20 inches long at 10:13 am (3/31/13). My mother got the call from my brother on Easter Sunday, what a celebration and surprise. We knew they were expecting but we thought the baby was due in the first week of April.

Other good news FREE Quilling Class
Location: Lansingburgh Branch: Troy Public Library, 27 114th St # 1, Troy, NY
Date: Wednesday, April 24, 2013
Time: 6 to 8pm
Register online: Library Website Calendar
Or Call the library: (518) 235-5310
Only have enough supplies for 10 people

You may want to bring tweezers with you since we will be working with small pieces.

I will be sitting along side you and sharing each step as we go along on the card we will be making. No one gets lost and we all finish around the same time as everyone else. This is a calm and peaceful environment and doing the craft of quilling relaxes/de-stresses you from your busy life.

I will bring the supplies quilling paper, the quilling tool, any other paper and directions, glue and scissors, and the zip-lock bag to take your supplies home in. You get to go home with the quilling paper and quilling tool.

If you have any questions send me an email staceysmile(at)gmail(dot)com