Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Large Snowflake - 12/19/12

I have been getting paper towel, toilet paper and wrapping paper rolls from co-workers at work ever since I made a bunch of ornaments out of paper towel and toilet paper rolls for the Christmas tree at work. I made a large snowflake out of a wrapping paper roll that you can see above. I painted the paper in square sizes then once they were dry I cut them on the paper slicer to be all the same width. The length of strips is one foot and the width is 1/2. If you notice in one of the pictures there is a door knob to the left of the ornament. I say the size of the snowflake is a little over 16 by 16 possibly bigger then a 12 by 12 scrapbook page.  I used Aleene's craft glue to hold the pieces together. I wanted to go so much bigger but the paper became flimsy after painting it. I gave this as a Christmas gift to one of my co-workers.

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