Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2 Birthday Purses with matching card - January 2013

I have made three paper purses with a matching birthday cards. Two co-workers at work have birthdays coming up. I use my co-workers to test my craft projects on to see their responses of what the public reflects on my work. I will add photos as the weeks go on after I have given them the gifts. If they see the blog it might ruin the surprise.

This is the websites that inspired me and have the instructions to make the  purple paper purse.

The first paper purple purse I gave out is this one. The purse stand about 5 or 6 inches tall and 4 or 5 inches wide possibly. I embossed the inside message with a happy birthday for the card. The card width is about 3 inches, height 2inches or possibly three.

Here is the lady bug purse and matching lady bug card. This one was given as a birthday gift to a co-worker at work.  Could possibly stand 6 or 7 inches the purse. The card could possibly around 4 inches in height. The card fits inside the purse.
Here is the purse template I used

There are pictures of how my purse turned out. The lady bug on the front of the purse has velcro underneath it to close the purse.


  1. the set is so adorable, love it!!!

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  3. I live these! They are adorable! I like that they having matching cards:)