Friday, December 28, 2012

Zentangle Class 2012

I took a Zentangle class through HVCC Community & Professional Education non credit classes.

Here is what I learned and it is very relaxing doing it. It looks like a lot but the instructor Cindy Bishop walks you through every stroke so it is quite easy.

Here is the information about the class from the online site at HVCC.

Zentangle® 101: The Basics
The Zentangle ® method is a fun and relaxing way of creating beautiful images from repetitive patterns. Created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, Zentangle was designed with the non-artist in mind. Zentangle has been shown to relieve stress and anxiety by boosting focus and creativity. It provides artistic satisfaction and an overall sense of personal well-being. Each participant will learn approximately 3 - 4 'tangles' per session. The Zentangle method is enjoyed the world over, across a wide range of skills, interests and ages. "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time." This course is taught by Cindy Bishop, Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT). For more information, please visit:

Here is my work and I got creative on both sides of the square cards. It looks quite overwhelming to someone who is new but if you go to and type in steps to zentangle you see every stoke/step broken down for you.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Hooked on Zentangle - 2012

Recently this year became hooked on Zentangle. What is Zentangle you ask? Here are a few links below that break it down for you. It is very relaxing and it is doodling in my mind to where it becomes art. I took a class by certified instructor in the area and enjoyed it a lot. I will try to post more of my art later but here is a card I made for a friend for her birthday. She is a fan of fall and I was in a rush to get this done to create this so I was short on time.

Kirigami/Paper cut Christmas Trees - 2012

Kirigami paper cut Christmas trees. I cut them out and then glued them together and then displayed them at work on a shelf. I added the Christmas cards co-workers gave me and put them behind the trees. Here is the link to learn how to make your own trees.

December 2012 Christmas Book Page Wreaths

Book page wreaths: made 7 wreaths different colors, with feathers that came with tiny bells, then bought wire ribbon and shaped bows and added them to the wreath. My mother and I went to a library workshop on how to make book page wreaths that was free. Mom made the cone shapes for the book pages and I added the other parts. I sold these to co-workers for $20 and sold 5. In the future I may make more for craft fair in the future.