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Quilled Art Piece for Baby Name April 24, 2012

I created this quilled piece of art for a co-worker who requested I make something with her baby's name on it. I gave the co-worker this present on her birthday. This took 18 hours to create. Sits in an 5x7 frame.

Past Works of Quilling and items that sold

Here is a link to my picasa album through that can lead you to my photos of my past quilling creations and some of the items I have sold. Some of the items might have the amount of time it took to create each one. I hope you enjoy looking at my collection.
Click here for album  or
copy and past from this link

Spring Sale - Quilled Mini Baskets and Fancy Birds!

I’m offering Quilled Mini Baskets and Fancy Birds in a special Spring Sale. Please click on the PDF to view the items for sale  .Click her for PDF

Or copy and paste this link into your browser.

When writing with your order, please enclose the full name located at the bottom of photos of the item(s) you would like to buy.

Prices for baskets and fancy birds:
pink fancy bird $16
tulipsbunnyorangebowbasket $22
no bunny basket purple bow $15
blue fancy bird $12
orange blue fancy bird $13
basketbowpurplewithbunny $16
gold bowl $38

 The baskets stand 2 inches or 2 1/2 inches in height and are about 1 inch wide (left to right). The birds height varies but they stand about 2 inchs to 3 inches in height. The width varies with each bird but it could range from 2 inches to 3 inches (left to right).

The egg shape bodies of the fancy birds are made out of recycled folders. The gold bowl is made of recycled manila folders also.

 Email m…

Fan of this artist - click on web link

I am a fan of this quilling artist. I also agree with the part of the interview in the article where it goes into how it relaxes you and de-stresses you and helps people stay calm and focused and even for children.  If your considering taking up quilling read this article. The artist said this the best way and thought having you read the article might motivate you.
Click here