All of 2017 ...the art I created in one post.

Wow! I did not post anything for 2017 that is amazing. I will post everything in one list and the most recent will be at the bottom of the page. I thought it would be easier that way so there would not be so many posts to bombard you with. I have been been busy working full time, swapping crafts through the mail with other crafters, being exhausted from health issues, teaching classes to local people at Panera Bread on quilling, taking free craft classes at the local libraries and being busy exploring new art mediums. So you will see some new art so hold on to your seat and lets explore all the crafts I created this year. Click on each image and possibly it will come up a little bigger on the screen.  I do post on facebook and instagram way more often then here. Check the social media links in my blog link and you will find those links. Enjoy.

Zentangle bookmark name I created for a swap in the mail with a another crafter. It is twice the width of a regular bookmark. Used Micron pens, …
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